Friday, July 1, 2011


hey what's up? It's pretty late now, I haven't tired yet sooo I made this post :p
A couple days ago someone told me "Hi Rara, do you know, your name in spain means weird or strange". Wow wow -__- Am I weird? say NO! say NO! hahaha. fortunately I wasn't born as a Spanish o_o

But Urban Dictionary doesn't think so, according to him, my name means:
1. The most beautiful and amazing girl ever.
2. Extremely sweet and kind and just so LOVABLE. Everyone wishes to be with this girl.
3. To be caught by a truly wonderfully amazing women.
4. Someone you will do everything and anything to make happy and keep a smile on her face.

OMG OMG, thank you sooo much. I'm so flattered :3
You shouldn't be too honest, UD. hahaha xD


  1. ihiiiii rarak reeek hahaha :))

  2. hahaha sapa yg iri :P
    iya iya arti namamu bagus hahaha :))