Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm a senior student

Lately people keeps talking about their graduation stuff, like what college did they apply to, what do they want to major in, did they pass their selection test and so on. Right yesterday evening, I saw bunch of thankfulness words on twitter cause they passed their selection test. For those who passed and get into their elective college, CONGRATULATION! :D
OMG next year is my turn, can't believe that. I entered highschool about 2 years ago, but seriously I didn't feel like 2 years at all. I though I've just been a high school student since 2 months ago :P
Yeah everything goes so fast. And now, I'm a senior student. Wow.
It's gonna be a hard year though. If I keep being The Lazy Rara, I'll ruin my own future. hmm talking 'bout future, do you know what am I gonna do in the future? I'm sure you don't and I don't either .__.
lol I just don't know YET. Buuuut, I honestly have been dreaming to be a doctor since a six-year-old, until one day I doubt myself. I think I'm not smart enough to be one :( Plus I like biology but not a fanatic. I wanted to be a doctor cause I don't have to meet the physucks and also it's kind of a good-paid job, right? haha. Don't you want that too? come on, be honest to yourself -.-
Have you ever heard, "Your dreams are nothing if you never go for them" ?
So yeahhh, I have to go for them. Study hard!! Go to courses!! But don't ask me to delete the lazy label on myself, I can't, I'll try to position the label on the right paths :P. If you know what I mean.
And I have to use the laptop and internet only on weekend or when I really need it. huhu All the time I've been spending my day with them :'(

Well, This is just a plan, I hope I can do it. Bismillah ;)

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