Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mrs. Bale's day

happy birthday Vanty..
happy birthday Vanty..
happy birthday.. happy birthday..
happy birthday Vanty..

happy sweet seventeen Vanty :D
We hope all your dream comes true (a chef or an actress? lol)

She invited us to have a lunch at Sushi Tei :D
we made a little surprise by giving a birthday cake :D

it takes an hour for her to blowing out all of the candles -.-

cooking books ~(^o^)~
(we'll always pray for you so that you're gonna be the most well-known chef in the world. we believe someday you will) wkwk

gataunya abis makan ditraktir nonton loooh haha (kita yg minta :p)
si boni menyarankan nonton scream 4, yauda akhirnya nonton itu.. mbooook menegangkan -.-
tapi seruuuu :DD
jarang jarang bisa kumpul kaya gini. hiks kangen sepuluh empat :(

anyway.. makasih ya Vanty, makasih ya teman teman. love youuu :*


  1. makasihh raraaaa :* best bday ever ever ever :* hahahaha

  2. sama sama vantee :* muah hahaha