Saturday, June 11, 2011


yaaaaaay, today I received a letter and 2 postcards!
This is a letter from my Russian friend, Evgenia :D thank you soo much ^^
I like the stamps so much, and absolutely the mice :p Спасибо :)
Dear letter, you've traveled for 38 days -.-

I got a surprised when I know that Indonesia and Rusia has no time difference. Just saying.

I also received 2 postcards, from the same sender.

As you can see, yes it's from Turkey. But the sender isn't Turkish lol.
It's from Indonesian :p But a couple month ago she visited Turkey and bought 25 postcards (la kok gapenting? -.-). Then I asked her to send me one. Luckily, she sent two postcards haha. What a nice person :p
And also 2 Turkish coins.

It's valued 10 and 5 kurus.

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