Saturday, January 1, 2011


A week without the whole school thing passed indifferently.
I don't go to anywhere. I do not go to anywhere on my holiday! -I mean go out of this town
Well, most of my day passed with no special thing, flat, and yeah, boring.
Poor me -.-
but I don't care if people think I'm cupu or anything like that.
So, what did I do on my leisure time?
Of course not! I won't touch anything related to school on my holiday. (holiday? Is It a holiday? ha ha, I'm not sure)
I just read meg's book (mediator 5, pd1, pd2) which I borrowed from vanty :p
Lumayaaaaaaan, it's better than do nothing, isn't it? *menghibur dirisendiri*
I wish I have lots of wonderful days, or at least better than other days ago #2011wish

One thing is clear: tomorrow is monday, aaaaand I hate it!


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