Sunday, January 16, 2011

cindo's party

I was invited to cindo's sweet-seventeen-party on Saturday, January 15th 2011.
The dresscode was blackformal. Aaaand I looked like mau ngelayat -_-

the party's supposed to be starting on 6 p.m. , you know what?
It just started on 7.15 p.m. (be'e :p)
1 hour 15 minutes to wait, as usual, me and friends are potow-potow :3

i were the polonice :3

Cindo call 3 girls and 3 guys to parcitipate the game.
oh what the hell?! Cindo call my name too. I were one of them. aaargh

There're 3 teams. 1 team consist of 1 girl and 1 guy.
- boni and tantyo [hottest couple =))]
- cindo's cousin (ce) and cindo's cousin (co)
- me and someone I-even-do-not-know-who-he-is

permainannya adalah..
kamu harus ngambil jepit di baju pasanganmu.
dan jepit itu harus diambil pake mulut.
dan jepit itu dijepitkan dibagian yang, ehm susah
dan aku sendiri ga kenal pasanganku
dan pasti sangat memalukan wktu itu -___-

ya ampuuun boni semangat sekali =))

ok. enough for that game, I mean that silly game!

here are another games..
more stupid than I did. rotfl =))

>nyalurin kertas pake mulut, mulai dari kertas besar, disobek2 sampe kecil, dan hasilnya seperti diatas =))

theeen... sing a song :3

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