Sunday, January 30, 2011


I feel like become more stupid on this semester.
I couldn't understand what taught at school well. Especially on science subjects. Stupid. I was student of science class but I can't understand science well?
I'm not entirely not understand, at least I know a bit. Just a little bit.
  • math: 60%
  • chemistry: 30%
  • biology: 25%
  • physics: 0%
those are the persentage of how much i understand the subject
my physics is so amazing, isn't it?
hey I'm not the one who not understanding school subjects that much.
there're only 3 from 40 students who understand physics.
give applause.
who are supposed to be blamed? the teacher or the student?
I honestly think that it was the teachers' fault. How could they keep teaching without seeing whether their students understand or not? and another thing, they have to take a look on their own selves, the way they're teaching confuse the students.
but actually, I'm not supposed to blaming the teacher like this.
We should remember students' responbility.
What should we do to get better score.
There's no way but study. Yeah, study hard! (kabeh yo eroh -.-)

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