Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There're many beautiful dates on this month, yea october
-beautiful dates, not beautiful events-
  1. October, 2nd 2010 . It was my birthday. I hate growing elder :p
  2. October, 10th 2010 . It was sooo beautiful date. There're many people who get married on that day. But nothing special happened to me. just like the other day, flat
  3. October, 20th 2010 . It's today, The not-so-good wednesday. I got something unpleasant. --- Mom call me during english lesson, in tears :O. I'm afraid something bad happened to my mom. She told me to go home, She said that she was feeling unwell. And at that time no one at home :O abis izin ke bk, aku langsung pulang. Alhamdulillah, she feel lil bit better. I hope my mom isn't exposed to dangerous disease. Amen :)

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