Friday, October 8, 2010


Today is friday. Ups sorry, wrong spelled. I mean f-r-e-e-d-a-y hehe
I really love that day, why?

  • Only on that day that has not-so-boring lessons, I don't have to bring lots of book. Rather than on monday to thursday that students should bring many many books :p
  • Only on that day I can got home earlier, at 1:00 PM. Rather than monday to thursday that students have to stay longer and got home at 3:15 PM -__-
  • Only on that day that I can hanging out with friends. beside saturday and sunday.
but friday is changed me into (a little bit) lazy person :p
I don't lend an ear to the teacher :p
I just lend my eyes into the laptop, take a look at Diana Rikasari's blog
I love her blog so muuuuuucch xx. dreaming have a beautiful blog as hers kkkkkk xD
Theeeeeeeeeeeeen, me and friends (boni, dela, rania celyn) create a new blog. Let visit and follow
our blog :* :*


after school.. Boni, kiki, ayuk and I go to TP. As usual, we watch movie (RE afterlife) and taking photos haha. Wanna see? I think yes :P here are some photos of us.

on the last photo I looked so weird -.-

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