Monday, October 18, 2010

fullday school?

well right now in this moment I'm so fucked up of all the funckin responbilities I have on my school -.-
I've got tired of many exam and homework
almost a whole day I wasting my time to study on school. wtf?!
then I back home on 3.15 pm
well I think its time for me to take a rest
oh no! not yet! I have to study cause the next day there're an exam
it was not finish yet. After that I have to do my homework too
oh shit! so when is my time to take a rest huh?!
fullday school is not efficent!
it driving me crazy and strees out!
everyday, I feels like killing my self!
I'm not become smarter, malahan jadi koplo -_-


  1. school day atau school died itu dhek hehe

  2. yeaa.. agree with ur opinion rak XD "fullday school is not efficient" hahaha 3:D

  3. mas wahyu: iya diet school itu -..- haha