Monday, November 26, 2012

My College Life (so far)

Whoaaa it’s been like 3 months I didn’t write any post. I haven’t even told about my next destination after graduated from high school. Well, now I’m a student of PENS / EEPIS and I’m taking Computer Engineering as my study. There are sooo many things to tell during my 3 months disappearance from blog and my 3 months of being an official college student which I actually want to write here. Like, how those creepy orientation was, how desperate I was during my first days in college, how I learn to made myself getting use to my college life, how stupid my face was the first time I operated electronic tools that was totally ‘brand-new’ to me, how my teacher caught me when my eyes were half-open and my mind wander off everywhere, how I met my new awesome friends, how awesome my 18th birthday was, and….how I met someone who is taking the most part of my brain, someone who always put a smile on my face and made me thank to God for every single day I had in college :3.

Being an EPPIS student is not as easy as people thought. We can’t be kupu-kupu (kuliah-pulang-kuliah-pulang). I barely go home when the sun is still shining, tasks are given almost every day and now I have 2 new things that should be done in every week: lappen and lapres. They really stressed me out at first, but then I saw my seniors and told myself, “They could survive, why couldn’t I do so? All I have to do is getting use to my college life and stop complaining. Do my best to learn, grow with, and enjoy the process. Plus, I have him to keep me on spirit :3”. So here I am, on my way leaving all bad thoughts of how exhausting my college life was, I almost reach the finish line! May the odds be ever in my favor o:). 

Here are some pictures I want to share..

This is a picture of some of my classmates. Taken on the last day of OMB.

Even we are more blue than the sky :P 

Buntu di lab nga a a 

Taken on the first day of PraTD

And this is how my unforgettable 18th birthday surprise was. Disaat malam2 buntu nunggu dosen tiba-tiba dari luar ada yg bawa kue sambil nyanyi Happy Birthday :3 Awww how sweet :3. Duh! This is a really really late post but whatever, thankyouuu soooo much for Intan, Cindo, Dini and especially for the one who planned this. I love you© :3

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