Friday, August 26, 2011

It's probably a to-do list

"I really need to get the hell out of school for a moment" was what always came up my mind during those creepy daily tests and ponrom. But now it's over and........ the brain-resting days are coming at last! :D :D :D
Actually, sometimes I wonder why do I always overexcited when holiday is coming? As if I would have an amazing holiday ._. Well, hopefully parents will bring me to somewhere place, because if they won't, I'm pretty sure I'll end up sitting in front of my laptop, connected to internet and then, as usual, faffing around in there. Unless I have another things to do..... oh Wait! I apparently do have them :3

In the case of avoiding the boring-moments, since this is what never been absent of attending every moment in my entire life, I have prepared some novels and dvds which I borrowed from vanty in the other day.
Hope I'm done reading and wacthing them right when holiday finished.

I also have 3 unanswered letters and a postcard. So, writing the answer is what I'm going to do.
I mean, yes, this is another way of avoiding the boring-moments :p.

Ummm I haven't really thought what's next :s Then I made a little to-do list which I'm going to do if I'm not lazy (I'm quite procrastinator hehe). And here it goes..
  • Tidy up my super messy room. Mom always yell at me whenever she finds out my messy room and you know, she's yelling not just once but thousand times. I wonder how she made herself yelling the same things everytime -.- Alright, Which moms ever let her daugthers's room looks like a landfills?
  • Studying. It's hard to believe that I am one of the very senior student at school. Yes, time goes by so fast... Yes, I'm gonna have a BIG exam... Yes, I need to study hard to get to my brighter future... hahaha sok sok an -_- I actually failed at 3 out of 6 subjects in my creepy daily tests :p So, remedial tests is the main excuse why I planned to study during holiday :p hehe (padahal uda belajar nggetu loh, tapi masih aja remed huhu menyedihkan)
  • Make up my blog appearance. I get bored of the looks of my blog. I need to change some stuff. And that cheesy facebook and tumblr button got my attention :P
  • Buy some souvenir. I need to buy some Indonesian handmade for my penpal :3. Cari yang murah, ringan, dan cukup di amplop haha :D

That's it??? I guess Yes.

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