Saturday, April 9, 2011

uts selesai

Hi, How are you? Do you miss me? -funny question, as if people will be read this -.-
Well, uts has finished several days ago. I'm so happy!!! oh no, I shouldn't be happy yet.
The remedial tests has been waiting for me -___-
4 to 13 subjects has failed. it's better than uht. Thank God! :D
okay, stop talking about uts.
Well, now I'm waiting for a letter from my friend. It's not a letter actually. It's a postcard :p
hmm.. she sent those postcard on March 26. The postman said that I'll received her letter for 10 days. But today is the 13th day, and I haven't even got her letter yet -.-
I just hate waiting -.- :p

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