Tuesday, April 12, 2011

floating lantern

Yeah, finally the postcard that I've been waiting for is coming! :D
16 days to travel through 3179 km away from where Chompoo's live, to Surabaya

What a beautiful postcard it is!
the floating lantern remind me of movie titled Tangled :p
Thank you sooo much Chompoo, thanks for the postcard, keychain and Thai coin. I'll send you an Indonesian coin too in the next time :D
do you know? you're the first people who send me a postcard :D xx


  1. Hey!
    I know, it's amazing how long a post card or a letter can take time... I sent a letter in february and it doesn't still arrived -.-
    Beatiful post card ;).

    Ella :)

    TANGLED!!! xD

  2. hallo!
    really? o.O where did you send those letter to?
    I sent a letter to Poland in march, my letter has been traveling for 25 days and hasn't arrived yet. I think it's pretty long time, but yours is muuuuuch longer than mine haha

    yeah! it's great movie! XD

  3. ndeh dapet dari mana rak? mbak iki tambah sangar rek