Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hey people. 
It's been a long time I didn't make any post. Well, I've been busy cause school crappy stuffs. Exams, remedial tests... Ugh, that was super tiring. In that moment, I feel like I was followed by a huge dark cloud which brought me lots of bad lucks. My result is getting worse, way worse than the previous semester :(. ambleg parah :(. Not that I didn't study before exam. I DID!! Yet my luck was really bad. 
Some friends got a good result, but they cheated, well because they had a chance and I didn't. Ugh! It's so pissing me off!. I envy them -_-. 
Okay, it's some of reason why I AM SO GLAD that 2011 has already passed. Now I'm trying to forget all the bad things on 2011 and take the lesson for be a better person on 2012. 
2012 resolution? Hmm haven't really thought about it. One thing for sure: no more procrastination!. Study hard,  practice a lot and praying for UNAS and SNMPTN. Bismillah..

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